When you are making agape for a walk, please be sure to include enough for everyone (pilgrims & team) plus 1-2 extra in case of breakage or spills. It is helpful to count your agape and label the bag/box with that number.  
A good rule of thumb is: Table/dining room agape: 65 items and Pillow agape: 40 items
PERSONAL AGAPE – If you wish to give your pilgrim any personal agape, please do so on the ride home AFTER leaving Christmount. We strive to show ALL pilgrims God’s love through agape and when some pilgrims receive things that others don’t – feelings are hurt.  Reminder: Table agape is an expression of unconditional love; therefore personal names are not attached, although Reunion Group or Church names are welcomed. As you pray for the pilgrims on the upcoming walk, please pray for the Emmaus walks all over the United States and the world.
If you need ideas, please feel free to call me (828) 421-0225 or mbholley@frontier.com
It would be helpful if you could let me know what your group is making so we don’t double up on treats.
--Malinda Holley, Agape Chair

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